John Reese Releases ‘Interesting’ Scribbled Notes

Internet marketing kingpin, John Reese, has just released a special hand-written report that he created. It’s a series of notes he took during a massive brainstorming session about generating income from Affiliate Marketing. Because it’s hand written, it’s a little harder to read but well worth deciphering.

This report reveals why Affiliate Marketing may be the ultimate online business model and what the three main challenges are that you’ll need to overcome to generate maximum income. I’m a big believer in affiliate marketing. It’s currently my biggest income source and John Reese is one of my biggest inspirations.

For those who don’t know, John Reese is a living legend in the Internet marketing world. He is best known as the man who made $1 million online in 24 hours. He also owns some of the most prized domain names in the world. Download John’s report Here.