John Chow Vs. Shoemoney Winner

Congrats to Shoemoney for winning the RSS competition. I had the lead right up until the last day. Then amazingly, Shoe managed to add 4,403 readers today to take the win. The final RSS count is 13,276 for me and 18,003 for Shoemoney. I gain 4,691 new RSS reader while Shoe gain 7,170 (with 4,403 coming in on the last day).

I want to thank everyone who subscribed to my RSS feed. This competition was a lot of fun. The entire point of this competition was to increase both our RSS readership and in that regard, Shoe and I are big winners. I will be drawing the rest of the RSS prizes later today and tomorrow. I will also be doing a recap on the methods I used to increase my RSS by over 4,600 readers. I’m sure Shoe will be handing out some advices as well.

Did Shoemoney Cheat?

I’ve been bombarded with tons of IM pages asking if Shoemoney cheated or game FeedBurner. He managed to gain more readers in one day than he did the entire month. I will leave it up to you to decide if there was any underhandedness going on. I will only say that Shoe is a lot more evil than I gave him credit for. 😈