John Chow vs Search Engine Journal

Matthew Woodward has an interesting post comparing the quality of my traffic to that of Search Engine Journal. Matt had a guest post on The Ninjas Guide To Google Alerts last month.

The post was sent to me over a month ago but got lost in my email filters. Not hearing back from me, Matt offered the post to Search Engine Journal, and they published it within 48 hours. Six weeks later, I find the post, and not knowing that it was already on SEJ, published it on my blog.

This set up an interesting head to head.

As both sites published the exact same post this has given me the unique opportunity to compare the traffic performance of both sites as well as analyze the differences in audience behavior.

I’m going to be looking at a range of metrics including social shares on each site, number of visits and precisely which post brought more value to my blog as a whole.

John Chow vs Search Engine Journal