John Chow vs. Matt Coddington

Daily Blog Tips has posted another Blogger Face-Off. This time, it’s Matt Coddington of Net Business Blog vs. The Root Of All Evil (me)!

Unlike the first Blogger Face-Off that pitted Darren Rowse against Shoemoney, this Blogger Face-Off against me and Matt has a voting system so you can decide who the winner is.

While the initial purpose of the Bloggers Face-Off was only to provide an interesting reading for everyone I recognize that a voting system could make things more funny. Secondly it will also make it possible to create second rounds where we match the winners of past challenges against each other! Since there was no voting session on the first edition both Darren and Jeremy will receive a free pass to the second round.

Amazingly enough, I am actually losing right now. But I think that’s because Matt posted it on his blog the instant he found out about it. I just found out now. Anyway, head on over there and vote for me please. Vote more than once if you have to (we are evil after all). 😈