John Chow on Breakfast Television

If you live in the lower mainland and watch CityTV (channel 13), you would have saw me on Breakfast Television this morning. BT is CityTV’s morning news show. Most of the time, I catch the tail end of the show because I’m not a morning person (the show starts at 6AM and goes till 10AM).

Unlike the Lab with Leo, Breakfast Television is a live show. There’s no retake if you screw up. I showed up at 7:30 to get set up. I waited in the green room along with Lynda Pasacreta of the Better Business Bureau (talking about Scam Jam 2008) and FoodTV’s Anna Olson (talking about her new show, Fresh with Anna Olson).

I was interviewed by show host, Simi Sara, who did a really good job explaining how things would work. This is only the second time I’ve done a live interview. They’re a lot fun because you never know what might happen (the thought of destroying something did cross my mind).

All this media attention seems to be working. The blog is at a record high 22,291 RSS readers.