John Chow On #BelowDeck Episode 5 – What Really Happened

Below Deck season 4 episode 5 has aired and once again, the twitterverse has lit up with hate for our little group of crazy internet marketers. You got to love that.

Just like my last #BelowDeck recap, this will be more of a what happened behind the scenes instead of a retelling of the episode. Those will be available all over the internet tomorrow.

Internet Marketers = Highest Rating of The Season

Last week’s episode 4, featuring us, was the highest rated of the season, and this week’s episode is expected to beat that. While Bravo seems to think it’s their amazing production skills and storyline that did that, the truth of the matter is we’ve helped them out a lot. In fact, Shoemoney is a pissed that Bravo is trying to take all the credit for their increase in ratings.


As far as I can tell, none of the upcoming charter guests have the reach that we have. I’m pretty confident that our episodes four and five will be the highest rated Below Deck of the season.

Was The Waxing Scripted?


The idea for the waxing came before we got on the boat. The plan was to have Shoemoney and Gene compete in a push up contest. The loser would get a V waxed on his chest. However, as we’re about to start the competition, the producer told us to stop because the camera crew was about the change shifts. He asked us to do it after we got back from the beach bar. This created a situation where we had to re-enact the scene, so that was kinda scripted.

Shoe lost the contest, and with it, created one of the most painful waxing scene ever filmed. The look of pain on Shoe’s face almost broke Kate’s heart. We just laughed our heads off.

Buying Drinks by Cutting Uncut $2 Bills

No cameras followed us to the beach bar because they were changing crews. That was too bad because if they did followed us, they would have got some great footage of us trying to buy drinks by cutting uncut sheets of two dollar bills.

Do You Have To Pay for The Charter?


When it’s not being used for Below Deck, the Valor is available for charter for $168,000 per week (winter rate) plus tip. When not on the show, the yacht is called the BG.

What Bravo does is book the boat out for three straight months to get a wholesale rate for the charters. They change the boat name to Valor, and then resell the charters to guests at a discounted rate, plus tip. The recommend tip is $15,000 and is given in cash to the captain when the guests leave the boat. Guests are allowed to give whatever tip they feel is appropriate for the level of service received.

The twitterverse was predicting that we would be the lowest tipping charter guests of the season. We ended up giving the highest tip so far this season.

How Did You Get $20K Cash Pass BVI Customs?

Like most countries, the British Virgin Islands requires you to declare if you’re carrying more than $10K into the country. We had some uneasy thoughts of telling the custom officer that the $20K was tip money. Fortunately, we didn’t have to do that.

When wiring the funds to pay for the charter, Bravo allowed us to wire the tip as well. They then withdraw the cash from the BVI bank to give to us to give to the captain. Shoemoney came up with the idea of giving the tip in $1 bills. The producer tried but was unable to secure that many ones. In the end, we got 500 ones, a bunch of fives, tens, twenties and hundreds to make the $20K. I gave the captain a lunch bag full of cash.


In addition to the $20K tip, we also left $500 worth of uncut $2 bills. I hope the crew realize that the bills are worth eight times the face value if they leave it uncut. That’s a total tip of $24K. That’s the tip to beat this season.


How Do You Feel About The Crew After Hearing Their Comments?


We absolutely love the crew of Below Deck, and we love the comments they made behind our backs too. Actually, the comments were made after we left the boat and then edited into the show.

Like I said last week, a realty show is all about drama and has almost nothing to do with reality. We knew what we were getting into. I fully expected the show to make us look like rich douchebags. We just had fun with it.

How Can I Watch The Episode?

Below Deck airs every Tuesday night at 9/8c in the US and Canada market. It is also repeated multiple times per week. Check your local Bravo listings for showtimes. You can also watch the full episode at Bravo TV. All you need is your cable provider login.

If you are outside the US or Canada, the show’s episodes are available for purchase at There is a one day delay, so tonight’s episode will be available tomorrow.

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