John Chow In BC Business Magazine


BC Business magazine finally put their article about blogging and BC bloggers online. The magazine is on newsstands now but if you don’t live in British Columbia, you may not be able to buy it. However, you can now read it on their site. Here’s a clip:

At first glance, the image on his website of two duelling, electric-blue sports cars and the slogan, “the miscellaneous ramblings of a dot com mogul,” may appear to be the markings of a pretentious teenager, but it doesn’t take long to see why Chow feels confident in calling himself a mogul. Chow is forthcoming with the results of his experiments, unlike many other bloggers. He openly talks about how much he’s pocketed, which revenue stream is pulling in the most and how he attracts the traffic that brings in the money. You’ll also read about what he had for dinner and where he went on vacation.

The article is currently the most emailed story for the magazine. You can read the full story at BC Business Online. The July issue also had a really good article about Canadians buying cars from the US and importing them into Canada in order to save thousands of dollars. I wish I read that before I purchased my new Acura TL.