John Chow dot Com Reader Wins Azoogle T-Shirt Contest

A huge congrats goes out to John Chow dot Com reader, Melody Nieves of Melody is the winner of the AzoogleAds Party at The Playboy Maison T-Shirt design contest. Melody’s T-shirt designed was judged best design by the powers at AzoogleAds. For her winning entry, Melody will be receiving an all expenses paid trip to LA to party it up at the Playboy mansion. Plus, her design will be featured on the offical party T-shirt.

According to Michael Sprouse, Chief Marketing Officer at AzoogleAds, Melody won for the following reason:

  • She spent 40+ hours of work on the design, which included digital painting, and this level of detail really came out in the design.
  • The design was classy, nice-looking and well thought-out and goes great on a t-shirt.
  • The design also includes a hidden image of Hef, which was another well thought-out thing because Playboy Magazine hides a rabbit head on the cover of each issue — so our judges thought that was extra creative.

Here’s is Melody’s winning design. I think it looks pretty awesome. And I still haven’t been able to find Hef yet. I find it pretty Ironic that a girl won a trip to party that any guy would die for. Congrats Melody. We will see you at the Playboy Mansion.

Playboy Party Design Winner

2009 Azoogle Publisher Challenge – Win a Party at The Playboy Maison