John Chow dot Com October 2007 Income Report

It’s the start of a new month and that means it’s time once again for the highly anticipated blog income report. I have tell you know, sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure all this isn’t some kind of dream. Way back in September of last year, I started a little case study to see if it was really possible to make money by blogging. Before that time, John Chow dot Com was simply a personal blog for me to ramble about whatever was on my mind. Luckily, one of those rambling topics was about how to make money online so it seemed logical that I should teach by doing instead of reciting from a text book.

The blog made $352.94 in it first month as a monetized blog. One year later (last month) it pulled in a record $20,512.17. And it shows no sign of slowing down.

Total Blog Income for October 2007: $23,448.59

I have to wonder how long I can maintain this level of growth. In a little over a year, the blog’s monthly income has grew by over 6,600 percent. Here is the income breakdown.

Blog traffic held steady at 330,339 page views from 180,291 visitors, according to Google Analytics. If you take the blog’s page view and divide that by the income it will give you a site wide eCPM of $70.98. That means for every 1000 page views, this blog makes over $70, or 7 cents per view. Most blogs would kill for this eCPM rate. How much would your blog make if you could get $70 for every 1000 page view?

RSS subscription hit an all time high thanks to the competition between myself and Shoemoney. At the start of October, the FeedBurner chicklet showed 8,585 readers. It now shows 13,517 readers.

Private ad sales continue to be the blog’s biggest money maker, accounting for half of the blog’s monthly income. Commissions from various affiliate programs continue to do well. The best performing affiliate program for October was Text Link Ads, accounting for $1,750 of the $5,131.27 affiliate income. TLA has been a consistent money maker for me and I highly recommend them. Check out my recommended moneymakers to find out more about all the ad networks I use to generate all this cash.

Blog expense for the month include $526.85 for Google Adwords advertising and $25 for a private ad. Hosting for John Chow dot Com is sponsored by BlueFur Web Hosting. Use coupon code JohnChowRocks for 15% off any BlueFur hosting packages.

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