IXCC Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

I’ve been in the tech industry for over a decade now, and in that time, I’ve gotten to know most of the insiders. If you were to name a product, odds are I can tell you who makes it for them. For example, pretty much everyone knows that Foxconn makes the iPhone for Apple. But how about something less well known. Like a battery case.

That was the case (pun intended) when a reader asked me about an iPhone battery case made by Maxboost. It normally sells for $99.95, but Maxboost has it for sale at their website for only $69.95. Sounds like a great deal when compared to all the other $99.95 battery cases on the market.


However, a few Skype chats with my contact in the industry unearthed where in China the case was made. A little more digging showed that same case is sold under other brand names. And that is how I ended up with the IXCC battery case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 56. It is exactly the same case as the name-brand case, but you can buy at Amazon for only $34.90!


  • 2400mAh built-in battery can effectively provide 120% additional battery life(12hrs talk time and 15hrs web surfing time)to your iPhone 5/5S
  • A fully protective hardshell case with the minimum added bulk, maintaining the slim form factor of your iPhone 5 / 5S.
  • MicroUSB input port and lightning output port, the case has data and power pass-through enabled. Your iPhone 5/5S can be charged and synced while encased via the included MicroUSB cable.
  • Charging switch, LED battery level indicator, charge and sync through the case, headphone jack cutout, function button cutouts and hands-free kickstand.
  • One year warranty available, plesae contact seller for details


For a 2400mAh battery, the IXCC case maintains an extremely slim profile. It’s barely bigger than a non battery case. Assembling the case is pretty easy. Just slide your iPhone onto the battery, and then snap on the frame. The unit doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone and it’s still small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.


One of the best feature of the IXCC case is the repositioning of the iPhone speakers. The speakers on the iPhone fires down at your feat, or away from you. The IXCC case takes that sound and bends it 45 degrees so it fires at your face. This increases the iPhone volume and makes it sound a lot better.


On the back of the case is a kickstand and battery status indicator. The battery status has four LEDs that lights up at the push of a button to tell you how much juice you have left. With 2400mAh power, you can expect eight hours of talk time and over a week of standby time. The kickstand only works in the horizontal position.

If you’re looking for a battery case for your iPhone 5 or 5S, and you don’t want to pay the premium for the name brand case, then the IXCC battery case is the way to to go. It’s really a no brainer. Why would you pay almost $100 for a case, when you can get the exactly same case for only $34.90? OK, you don’t get the Maxboost logo printed on the back of the case, but is that worth more than double the price? I don’t think so.

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