It’s The WootAgent!


I wrote about Woot! back in April of last year. I called it one of the most interesting sites I’ve ever came across.

If someone were to come to me with the concept I would have said it would never work. At first glance, the business model seems stupid: sell a single different product each day, offer little to no customer service — and make fun of the products in the daily promotions. But Woot, Inc. does all of this, with great results.

Woot sells one product per day. It goes on sale at midnight, Central Standard Time, and once sold out, nothing else is offered for sale until the next day. This creates a problem for many Woot users. If they forget to check the page, they may miss out on a great deal. This is where the WootAgent comes in.

Still in private beta (you cannot download it yet), the WootAgent is a small piece of software that installs a W! icon in your Windows system tray (sorry Mac users) and automatically pops up when a new Woot is available, or running out, or sold out. You can right click the icon at any time to see the latest Woot offering. The WootAgent screen also includes product description and price check so you can compare the Woot price with prices from other stores.

If you’re not a Woot user, the WootAgent can be annoying because a new Woot pops up on you every night at midnight, and it will pop up again to warn you the item is about to sell out. However, for the addicted Wooter, this is a Godsend.