It’s So Quiet Now

Today I swapped out the Crossfire video card setup in Sarah’s comp for a single Sapphire X800 GTO2. What a difference in noise level! The nice thing about the Sapphire video card is the TriXX overclockers utility that allows me to overclock and underclock the card. I put it in silent mode, which slows the fan to 20% of maximum speed and drops core speed by 30% and I couldn’t hear it anymore! Sarah is so much happier with the setup. Now I just have to decide what to do with two X850XT video cards.

Sarah and I went for lunch with Stephen today. We showed him our favorite Taiwan noodle house, call Taiwan Beef Noodle House. Carl and I discover this noodle house a few years back after our trip to Computex in Taipei. I tried some Taiwan noodle there and fell in love with it and had to find a place that serves that stuff in Vancouver. While Carl no longer goes for Taiwan noodles, Sarah and I make it a point to have it at least once a week. If all goes well for Stephen, he’ll be joining us for more noodle runs in the future.

Before dinner Sarah and I checked out a 1 bedroom condo that just came on the market. The unit recently underwent $20,000 of renovation. The asking price was $169,000. This same time last year, a unit like that would have gone for $139,000. Which goes to show just how crazy the market has become. We’re looking at another 1 bedroom condo tomorrow.

Our reservation for West Restaurant has been booked for Thursday night at 7:45PM. I’m really looking forward to it. West is one of Vancouver’s “Big 3” restaurants. The other is Lumiere and C Restaurant. This will be my second time dining at West and I know just what I’m going to order. Foie Gras is good grub!