It’s Poker, Not Poke Her!


So we’re walking the Forum Shops in Caesar’s Palace and came across a store call Corsa Collections that had a live mannequin in the window display.

When you think about it, having a live person posing as a mannequin can be more economical than buying a real mannequin. Why pay up to $5,000 for a mannequin when you can hire someone to sit in front of the window for $10 hour during the busy hours. In addition, a real fake mannequin attracts more attention and will often have their picture taken. This is an added branding bonus since Corsa has their store name right under the window.

One can say Corsa really got their money’s worth when we came walking by. Not only did we took pictures, we also did a video. I wonder what was going through her head when I poked her? 😈