It’s Like A Country Fair, Only Free


All the parties I have attended have always been for adults only. They are pretty simple to set up – just make sure the booze keeps flowing. However, the Microsoft Company Picnic is held for the employees and their families. Most MS employees have kids and finding stuff for the kids to do during the picnic can be tough. Well, it would be tough for me but not for the professional picnic company Microsoft hired to stage the event.

If you were to pluck someone off the street and set them down at the MS picnic, that person would swear to God that he landed right in the middle of a country fair. The list of stuff and rides for the kids of MS employees were endless. There were dozen of inflatable play pens, hay rides, pony rides, train rides, paddle boats, face painting, stage shows, miniature golf, giant basketball, arcade, etc. They even had a ferris wheel! Most of the farm grounds were used for kid activities.

The adults were not left out but the list of stuff for the big kids were limited to rock climbing walls, mechanical bull, volleyball, beer garden, casino, bingo and massage tents. Here’s some pics of the activities you can expect to find at the Microsoft Company Picnic.


Every child must be tagged with an ID before entering the grounds. The ID has the child’s name and the cell number of the parent. If the kid gets lost, they can go to any of the organizers and get them to call mom.


Lost your kids? Pick them up here. Your kids won’t get bore waiting for you to pick them up. The tent is full of toys.

This Place Is Like A Kid’s Dream Come True

I think there is some subliminal message MS is giving off with all these free kid stuff. It tells the kids that their mom or dad works for a really cool company and they’ll want to work for it too when they grow up. What a great way to secure an entire generation of future employees!







Some Stuff For The Big Kids To Do