Is Hard Work Required for Success?

How many times have you heard that success requires hard work? Many people say I am successful because I work hard. However, let’s look at what I really do and see if this is true.

I drive a $100,000 sports car while talking in front of a video camera. Is that hard work? I don’t think so. I also sit on a $1,600 Herman Miller Embody chair and tap some keys on a keyboard. Is that hard work? Is must be. Otherwise, I wouldn’t need the Herman Miller chair! 🙂

Working Hard Vs. Working Smart

I don’t believe that hard work is a key requirement for success. Instead of working hard, I believe in working smart. How is working smart different than working hard? Here are just a few examples.

  • Working hard is going door to door to sell encyclopedias (assuming encyclopedias are still sold today). Working smart is setting up a Facebook Ad targeting families with school age kids.
  • Working hard is selling one-on-one on the phone. Working smart is having your own phone team to do the selling for you.
  • Working hard is digging for gold during the gold rush. Working smart is selling the shovels.
  • Working hard is working with the 80% that represent 20% of your business. Working smart is firing the 80% and working with the 20% that represents 80% of your business.
  • Working hard is trying to line up all your ducks so you can get ready to get ready. Working smart is just doing it, ready or not.
  • Working hard is trying to do everything yourself. Working smart is surrounding yourself with people who can do the stuff that you can’t.
  • Working hard is trading your hours for dollars to make money. Working smart is creating a system that makes the money for you so you can live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Stop working so hard, and start working smart. Watch the video to learn my top two tips for working smarter instead of harder. Working hard does not create the Dot Com Lifestyle. Working Smart does.

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