Introducing John Chow Cola – The Official Blogger Drink

Introducing The Official Blogger Drink

John Chow, Inc., publisher of John Chow dot Com and The Coca-Cola Company, maker of the number 1 selling soft drink in the world, has entered into a licensing agreement to produce John Chow Cola, The Official Blogger Drink.

When bloggers drink John Chow Cola, post ideas will “pop” into their heads because of the drink’s Liquid Neuro Enhancers. A blogger will never get writer’s block again if he drinks John Chow Cola.

John Chow Cola

“John Chow Cola taps into a market The Coca-Cola Company has been trying to reach for years without much success. By partnering the world’s best known blogger with the world’s number 1 brand, we’re sure John Chow Cola will become one of the top selling Coca-Cola products. John Chow Cola tastes great and offers increased productivity for bloggers.”

Muhtar Kent – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

John Chow Cola will ship in cans for the North American market. Markets outside North American will receive John Chow Cola in the classic Coke bottle. A Diet John Chow Cola will shortly follow.

Made with Liquid Neuro Enhancers

John Chow Cola is the first drink in the world to use Liquid Neuro Enhancers (LNE). A technology that took The Coca-Cola Company over ten years to develop. Unlike a sport drinks that only enhance physical performance, the LNE used in John Chow Cola enhances the brain’s ability to come up with new blog post ideas. One drink is all it takes to get a sugar rush of ideas pouring in.

With over 120 million bloggers on the Internet and 175,000 joining everyday, the market for John Chow Cola is huge and untapped. Being first to market means John Chow Cola will be The Official Blogger Drink.

From John Chow Soda To John Chow Cola

This is my second soda licensing deal. Back in 2008, I signed a deal with Jones Soda to sell John Chow Soda. However, the drink didn’t have Liquid Neuro Enhancers and it wasn’t a cola. With the bigger distribution and marketing muscles of The Coca-Cola Company, I expect John Chow Cola to easily outsell John Chow Soda.

Get a Free Six Pack of John Chow Cola

Want to be among the first to try John Chow Cola? Simply reply to this post and John Chow dot Com and The Coca-Cola Company will send you a free six pack! You better get your comment in quick however. We’re only giving away 10,000 cases.

In addition to the free six pack, 1,000 winners will be selected at random to fly all expenses paid to New York City for the John Chow Cola World Wide Launch Party on April 15. This is going to be the biggest party New York has ever seen! Reply now to get in on it!