Internet Marketing Monitor Review

It’s time for another ReviewMe review. This time it’s the Internet Marketing Monitor ordering up a review. The Internet Marketing Monitor is the brainchild of Matt Cook, from Springfield, Missouri. Inspired by, Matt decided to create a single, public forum for the storage and organization of his massive collection of internet marketing notes, ideas, and techniques. There was only one problem: Matt can’t write. This is where Derick came into the picture.

The transformation of Matt’s knowledge and ideas into something consumable by internet surfers fell to Derick. Also from Springfield, he entered the picture as a ghostwriter to take Matt’s ideas and turn them into a blog. Derick also serves as the Internet Marketing Monitor’s general writer and covers the news of the day, including new product announcements, press releases, and general commentary.

In addition to Matt and Derick, Mandy and Andy help round out the editorial team. The Monitor covers a wide range of Internet based categories – from advertising and affiliate marketing to bad calls and specialty search.

The Internet Marketing Monitor offers three exclusive features (well two exclusive features and a WordPress Plugin). The first feature of the Monitor is the Internet marketing conferences and shows tracking. The page provides dates, locations, and general information about each show. The Monitor tracks Internet trade shows happening throughout North America.

In addition to tracking Internet trade shows, the Monitor maintains a comprehensive list of online and in-person SEO training. The Monitor itself doesn’t offer paid SEO training. They provide the list as a service to readers and are not affiliated with any of the services offered. The Monitor does not receive any form of payment for referring visitors to the services listed on SEO training page.

By far the most unique offering at the Internet Marketing Monitor is their IMM-Glossary WordPress Plugin.

The IMM-Glossary Plugin allows you to create a customized glossary of terms. The Plugin creates a master glossary page, links to terms within posts, and creates individual pages for each entry. It also gives you the option of attaching a custom icon to linked terms.

The Internet Marketing Monitor also issue reports that monitor the health and status of the major search engines, directories and affiliate programs. There is also a War Room that monitors the battle between the major search engines.

Looking at the blog, it’s hard to believe that the Internet Marketing Monitor is less than three months old. Many blogs cannot get this much content up in three years, never mind three months. The Monitor averages five to six new posts per day and that doesn’t include updates to the Reports Cards or the War Room. The Internet Marketing Monitor also offers a full feed RSS, which I added to my Google Reader.

Because it is a new blog, the Internet Marketing Monitor is advertising free. Matt Cook appears to be a very smart marketer. He is following the same rules I followed to create John Chow dot Com – create the blog, add tons of quality content, build the readership and don’t worry about monetizing it because the money will come later. The Internet Marketing Monitor would make a good case study on how a new blog should launch. The Internet Marketing Monitor maybe new, but the people running it are old hats in the game of Internet marketing.

Congratulations on the new blog Matt. I will be back.