Internet Marketing Lessons From The $10,000 Apple Watch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple recently launched the Apple Watch. I would get one, but it requires an iPhone, and I use Nexus 6. My wife has an iPhone so I might get one for her.

By far the most interesting watch is the gold Watch Edition. This watch starts at a whopping $10,000, and it’s raising a lot of eyebrows about why Apple would offer such an expensive watch. The answer is really simple, and there’s a great take away lesson from it if you’re an Internet marketer.

Big Ticket = Big Profit

Most Internet marketers shy away from high priced products because it takes more effort to sell them. While it’s common for a $10 info product to be sold with a sale letter, this can’t be done with a $10,000 product like a Mastermind (or a gold watch). To sell a high-end product, a much more personal approach is required, and that generally means talking to the customer on the phone.

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting on the phone and avoid it like the plague. The Tel line on my business card has no phone numbers listed. Instead, it says “You don’t call me, I call you!”

The Solution – Your Own Phone Sales Team

How do I make big-ticket sales without getting on the phone? I let people like Max Aria do it for me. Max is a member of the phone sales team at MOBE and MTTB. All those big paydays you see me make, like $30,000 during dinner and $8,000 during lunch, Max made those for me. Max does the work, while I live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Below is a video interview I did with Max during a recent trip to Costa Rica. The man is a machine. Shortly after the interview, he was back on his Skype calling leads up and making money for the MOBE/MTTB partners. Max can do the same for you.

Setting up your own phone team is a very expensive affair. This is why I license a system like MTTB. They already have everything in place. My job is just to send the leads into the sales funnel, and let the phone team takes over once the lead buys the tripwire product.

More than 60% of my blog’s income now come from products that cost more than $2,000. These are the core products and profit multipliers. Most Internet marketers don’t have them because they don’t want to get on the phone. The solution is simple. Get your own phone team either by spending the big bucks to create one from scratch, or license a system like MTTB, that has a phone team already in place. For me, the choice is easy.

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