Internet Marketing Is Serious Business

I get a ton of emails asking how to be a successful Internet marketer. While I can certainly teach anyone to start an internet business, the truth of the matter is, most will fail. It’s not because my methods doesn’t work. I’m living proof that it does. The biggest reason people fail is because they don’t take this business seriously.

Because the barriers of entry are so low (I started for the cost of a $10 domain name), people don’t have much, if anything, to lose. As a result, they don’t treat their business as seriously as they should. They start a blog, it makes nothing, and then they quit. Easy in, easy out. Contrast this with a traditional “brick and mortar” business where you have to invest a few hundred thousand dollars into it. Ask yourself if you would treat your Internet business more seriously if it cost you $100K to start.

This low cost of entry is one of the biggest reason people don’t take Internet marketing seriously, and that’s really too bad. I’m pretty sure my IM business is more profitable than many businesses that took a few hundred grand to start.

Knowing that seriousness increases with investment, the solution is quite simple. Spend some money on your business. While my blog may have cost $10 to start, I have invested thousands into it since then, and I continue to invest in it. When you have money to lose, you take things a lot more seriously.

Finding serious people to work with is one of the reasons why we charge $49 for a MTTB application. If you’re not serious enough to invest $49 in yourself, then there’s no way we’re investing anything into you.

How serious are you?

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