Internet Marketing Conference = Lame Ass Award

I heard from Tech Vibes that the Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) was coming to Vancouver so I made a proposal to speak at it. Everything looked fine at first. The keynote was being delivered by Guy Kawasaki. I figured, great! I get to connect with Guy again and make fun of his Hawaiian shirts.

I got an email from Lennart Svanberg, the producer of IMC Vancouver, asking me how I would help market the show. I replied back stating what I would do to help them out. He emailed back saying I was in and in a later email, asked me to make a 30 second video about me speaking at IMC.

I did the video and email Lennart the link and asked him for some full access tickets to give away (I was thinking 10). I figured this was a reasonable request. After all, I wasn’t charging IMC to give my presentation and they didn’t have to pay my travel since I live in Vancouver. Just for comparison, my trip to Affiliate Summit East in New York in August is fully sponsored and ASE still gave me ten gold passes to give away. I got back the following email from Lennart.

Great work John.

I’m giving u 1 Full Access Pass (for all three days) plus 2 tickets to the day you’re speaking IF u do the promotion you’ve promised.

So consider it a deal, I will just get back to u with exact details on how much promotion we expect in return.

Looking forward to meet u soon,

It’s clear to me that Mr. Svanberg has no idea who I am. If he did, he would have never worded his email with “IF” in all caps and “how much promotion we expect in return.” I was going to speak at IMC Vancouver. Now I’m not. Lennart needs to realize that it is not an honor for me to speak at IMC. It’s the other way around. Congrats Lennart. You and your Internet Marketing Conference just received my Lame Ass Award.