Internet Business Lessons From Motto Ramen

Today, John Benitez and I decided to try out a new ramen restaurant in Orange County call Motto Ramen. We were a bit apprehensive to try it out because the place doesn’t have a website. I mean, what business today doesn’t have a website?

While waiting for our ramen, we decided to see if the was available. A quick search on GoDaddy showed that it was. So, we took it!

The plan was to buy the domain and then sell it back to Motto Ramen for a quick profit. Then John suggested that we should built out a site on it, and then offer it to the owner in exchange for free ramen for life. With that goal in mind, I present to you the new Motto Ramen website!

The lesson to take away from this is simple. If you have a business or you’re thinking of starting a business, you need a website for it. When you consider a domain name cost less than $10 and web hosting can be had for less than $3 a month, there is zero reason to not have a business website.

At the very least you should register the domain name for your business. If you don’t, I can almost guarantee that someone is going to register it, and it’s going to cost you a lot more than $10 to get it back.

Build Your Business Website with WordPress

I build the Motto Ramen website using WordPress. One of the most common complaint (or excuse) I hear from potential new bloggers or business owners is they don’t know how to install WordPress. Terms like FTP and cPanel are like a foreign language and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch. I suspect this was the case for the owner of Motto Ramen. If this is also your case, then you’ll want to check out my free WordPress installation service.

The service is sponsored by HostGator. They are my official web host and host all my blogs. All you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HostGator. Then forward me the cPanel login information to johnchow [at] and I’ll install and set up WordPress for you.

And it won’t cost you free ramen for life!

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