Installing Hansshow Waterproof Floor Mats for The Tesla Model Y

In this video, I install some Hansshow waterproof floor mats and floor liners for the Tesla Model Y Performance. They are a direct replacement for the carpet mats used by Tesla.

The Hansshow floor mats and liners are designed to provide comprehensive car interior protection for your Tesla Model 3/Y from rain, dirt, dirt, debris and other pollutions. Compared to normal carpet floor mats that comes with the Tesla Y, the Hansshow mats offers much better protection and are much easier to clean.

The floor mats and liners are made from environmentally friendly Thermoplastic Elastomer material (TPE) that is 100% odorless, BPA free, non-toxic, and waterproof. They offer a perfect fit into your Tesla thanks to the 3D scanner used for creating the molds. The perfect fit also ensure an easy installation.

Hansshow offers a 30-day worry-free money-back guarantee and 1-year product warranty on both the floor mats and liners. Available direct from Hansshow Technology. Use coupon code JOHNCHOW to save 15% on any Hansshow products.