Instagram Statistics

I love gathering statistics because it’s a great way to provide social proof that something is of value. Recently, I’ve been doing research online gathering statistics on social networks because social media is changing the way people share, create, and engage with content. However, the problem is that a solid social media campaign takes time so it’s important to focus your energy on networks that yield massive results. So far, we’ve explored Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s time to find out how useful Instagram is for bloggers, businesses, and general engagement. Next,

These statistics were gathered online and they tell an amazing story, summarizing the importance and impact Instagram has had on social media. Businesses have experienced enormous brand growth because it’s great way to share images quickly and we know people in general tend to be drawn to pictures more quickly. Why? Pictures tell a thousand words!

Let’s look over some of the most important factors surrounding Instagram and why it should be part of YOUR business…

Fact 1

2.5 billion image “Likes” daily on Instagram that shows people are enjoying the type of pictures posted by people they are following. It’s also a great indicator that people do use Instagram to share content and build user engagement. I would recommend for everyone to start building an Instagram profile while sharing some of their favorite brand images (products, services, logo, etc). However, it’s important to be creative at the same time because you’ll be up against a lot of relevant competition so it’s important to stand out compared to the rest. This means using images that attract followers, etc.

Fact 2

Instagram engagement is mostly on smart phones compared to tablets, however, “tablets” as a device is NOT too far behind. Some of the avid Instagram users will recommend optimizing images for both devices to increase user engagement. Here’s another cool statistic,

You should tweak images for ages from 18-34 as they are the group using Instagram the most through mobile. If you’re a brand trying to build momentum, you should research what this age group finds attractive then create a brand image utilizing these elements.

Fact 3

Global Instagram usage is up by 15% with 50% of users located within the North America. This is a huge amount of English speaking people. However, the other 50% is scattered around countries that don’t speak English so it’s important to understand your audience. Knowing your audience will help you share images that non-English people can understand and engage with. For example, there is NO point in sharing an Instagram image that people in North America will find attractive if your Instagram account is linked to a population from China, India, etc.

Fact 4

Instagram users are 58 times more likely to share, comment, and “Like” a brand page compared to Facebook and Twitter. I’m personally shocked by this statistic as the other networks have been around longer. Next, this shows how quickly Instagram is growing as a social network. As a business, this statistics shows how important it is to set up an Instagram account for your business. You can easily increase brand awareness and engagement by sharing your post or image on Instagram.

Fact 5

Social activity has been skyrocketing for these top “4” niches…

  • Luxury Retail
  • Luxury Auto
  • Consumer Merchandise

However, these “3” categories only hold the top places, but fair engagement has been seen for all other niches.

Fact 6

Instagram app for mobile is the fastest growing tool since 2013 and 50% of Canadians have stated Instagram is part of their top 10 channels to discover new products, etc. Depending on your niche and audience, this information is a great way for you to tweak your marketing strategy going forward. Next, the fact Instagram is the fastest growing application since 2013, you should tweak images so they convert mobile users. This includes adding borders, clear call-to-actions, and sharing an image that gets the message across quickly.

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