Instagram Tips for CEOs and Professionals

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. On the internet, this is usually through your main website, blog, or social media. However, it seems like this is now happening on Instagram more than any other platform lately.

With this in mind, you want to make sure your first impression counts. This means making sure you have your social profiles updated with high quality images, valuable content, and are also standing out from the crowd in the process.

To make sure your personal or brand profile has all of these checkmarks in place, be sure to read through our best Instagram branding and marketing tips for CEOs and professionals.

Make a Great First Impression with Your Instagram Account and Details

To see all of this in action, we can take a look at the Instagram profile for T. Harv Eker.

Notice how we point out some of the key areas that every Instagram user should be taking advantage of today.

Here’s another quick run through of each point:

  • Professional photo – This is the first thing someone is going to see, so make sure it’s high-quality and how you want to be seen and represented online.
  • Add grabbing bio – Most people don’t want to read text, so take advantage of this space and only using words that matter. Quick data points and action words will work best.
  • Link to your site or CTA page – Instagram isn’t very big on backlinks, so this is your one chance to get users to click over to your site, blog or CTA page from Instagram.
  • Instagram stories – This new feature allows users to group their best content and make it easy for your followers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Best of all, these tips and working methods aren’t just for business experts and professionals, they are also methods that everyone should be using to improve their social content creation and engagement experience.

Instagram is Visual. Make Your Photos Stand Out!

The world is quickly losing their attention span. Every year it gets shorter and shorter thanks to the internet and social media. This is also why Instagram keeps growing in size and usage… it’s all visual!

With this in mind, it’s not just about uploading high-quality images and updates for your followers, it’s also about having structure within your updates as well.

Take a look at this article on ThePreviewApp and see how they profile a bunch of different Instagram users. Not only are each of them creating original content, they are posting them in a specific order and style so it stays consistent throughout the update scrolling process.

In these examples you will see photo post/word post styles, but there are many other ways to create similar styles and themes as well. Other methods include using unique colors, post image types, and also quotes or videos.

No matter what posting style you like, it does take some extra time and effort to make sure you have enough content created and scheduled in to keep the style consistent.

Using Celebrities, Quotes, and Interesting Facts

As we already know, Instagram is all about visuals. We also know there is a massive demand for viral, celebrity, and information-based content.

Knowing these, many top Instagram users are creating unique status updates, images, and uploads to their accounts in the form of original images — many of which can be created or edited through an easy to use graphic designer like Canva or any online image editor.

You can see an example of how this might look, on the Wealthy Gorilla Instagram page. In their case, they are using non-celebrity images, but using celebrity quotes written on nice images and backgrounds. Since most of their content is focused on wealth and celebrity information, their audience will expect these types of images and content to be used.

This is also something that you will see with many online experts and brand professionals, when they are posting inspirational content or trying to get their accounts to go viral. The good news is, you can create similar images and Instagram updates for pretty much any type of message or industry you might be working with.

Instagram for the WIN in 2019!

If you aren’t currently on Instagram, now is the best time to get started. At the very least, get active on the social platform and secure your personal/brand name as a username before someone else does!

Once you are ready to start creating content and branding yourself as an expert through Instagram, be sure to implement each of these winning methods we’ve outline for you.

Instagram is here to stay. Make sure you are taking advantage of everything is has to offer in 2019!