Insider Peek At The $3,000 Per Person ThinkTank 2012

As you probably know next week I am going to dk’s ThinkTank. Below is an email he sent out to his list of attendees. I am not sure if he wanted it public, but I thought you guys would enjoy getting a glimpse at a really high end event.

This is not an invite. Don’t try to crash it or you will get kicked out, I guarantee it. Just thought you would enjoy a little peek inside where the big-money guys hang out.

I put XXX’s to cover up the secret parts.

Hey ThinkTanker

Please read every word of this as it is all super important. ๐Ÿ™‚

ThinkTank will be on Sep. XX, XX, and XX

This is a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

It is invite only, and under strict NDA.

Arrival time will be between 9 am and 10 am on XXX

We will be meeting at exactly this spot in the park,

The event is very loosely structured, but contained in the event, is a one-of-a kind strategy developed by Dan Ryan and myself for getting everyone at the event maximum value. Just show up to the entire event, really open up both in helping and getting help, and I predict that you will consider it one of the best events, or the best event you have ever been to, and will walk away months later, having made a ton more money as a result. This is what has happened to me, which is why I keep having the event.

When you come to the beach each day, bring a bathing suit, dry clothes for afterwards, and a sweatshirt.

Hats to protect from the sun are a good idea as well, as we tend to sit in the sun quite a bit.

We will have beach towels, sunscreen from Trader Joe’s, and food and drinks.

If you have any dietary restrictions, or even preferences, let me know ASAP, and we will accommodate.

If you have a special alcohol, or just love to snack on cherries, or prefer a pair of slippers for the evening, let me know now, and if possible I will have whatever you need. If you want a Bentley with a playboy bunny, let me know that too, but there will be a surcharge.

If you are comfortable walking barefoot on the grass and sand, just bring flipflops. If you prefer for some of the more sporty stuff, you may want to bring tennis shoes. All of it is optional, and is set up so out of shape folks like myself can be part of it! I did go down one year playing kickball, and literally had to be carried off the beach though. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the evenings we spend in the park at the beach, bring a heavy jacket. The weather prediction currently says about 75 Fahrenheit during the day, 65 at night. What makes this a little deceptive is that you will be outdoors, for many hours at a time, and with the spray of the ocean, it can get downright cold.

I highly recommend bringing a really warm jacket for the evenings. I promise you will be thrilled you did while you sit there snugly chatting or playing games while everyone else shivers. Warm hats also rock and make for funny pictures.

I have attached the release of liability and NDA to this. Bottom line you have been chosen to attend because of who you are, a successful, independent, and cheerful person. You will be provided with a beach chair to sit in and participate in all of the intellectual events from, but you will also be provided with the Pacific ocean, surfboards, footballs and the like, and alcohol at the same time. If you mix these just right, you can actually die. As a result we are asking you to sign a release form saying you won’t sue Purpose Inc.

Thank you so much Corey at Brain Host for sponsoring us, as this made my loss a ton smaller ๐Ÿ™‚ Any one else want to sponsor as well? As soon as I get more money for the event, I keep adding on cool stuff.

Now for some fun stuff.

Martin Kampmann is a UFC fighter I have known for about 5 years. Martin has won almost every fight he has been in. He fights in the same weight class and Jean St. Piere. Martin has a fight coming up in November, and if he wins, he will most likely be fighting in his weight class
for the title.

I spoke to Martin, and he has agreed to come join us for ThinkTank on Wednesday morning. He will be teaching you how to do a few moves, totally designed for the beginner. If you have some skills, and want some advanced training, Martin will be happy to do that as well.

I told Martin that we would all be there to help if there is anything he wants help with to do online.

Wednesday night, Tobias Nergarden (Toby), one of the attendees has invited us to his house for a little party. Toby’s house is breathtaking and in Rancho Santa Fe, the most upscale part of San Diego. A lot of Hollywood stars have homes there where they can get away to a ranch like setting, with horses and land. It is about a 20 minute car ride from the beach. We will be loading up Suburbans with everyone on Wednesday evening, and driving out there together. If you are there on time, you will get a free ride. If you miss the Suburbans, you can take a taxi on your own later. We will be sending a car back from Toby’s house every hour, on the hour back to the tow main hotels. We will ask everyone to start heading back at 1:00 in the morning. For Toby’s you can get a little more dressed up if you like, but I will have shorts on the entire time.
Dressed up means like a dress shirt and jeans. I will be wearing a bathing suit, possibly some sort of shirt, and flip flops. Bring a bathing suit, as Toby has a killer Jacuzzi, in a gorgeous setting. We will have towels.

We will be having a Lasagna dinner that night from Mona Lisa in little Italy, the best deli in San Diego. They will put it together, and we will cook it at Toby’s.

Also, we will be serving Oscar’s for lunch one day also. Look it up on yelp in San Diego. Oscar’s Mexican food is one of my greatest finds this past year. Their Fisherman’s Torta is actually the best Mexican food I have ever had. Shannon, my girlfriend, agrees.

As far as a packing list of what to bring like I said bring a warm jacket and a warm hat trust me you won’t be disappointed. Most of the day you will be comfortable wearing flip flops, shorts, and a T-shirt or something comparable. Bring a bathing suit if it gets hot you may want to jump in the water or if you really feel wild go surfing with us. We do have some wetsuits. We also have boogie boards which are a ton of fun if you are not up for surfing. Bring a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, chapstick if you get cracked in the wind and the sun and some kind of warm shoes for the evening if you get cold at the beach. I told Shannon she had to wear heels, but her response was, “What, you want me to aerate the grass?”

You may want to bring something slightly nicer for dinner at Toby’s, but I will be extremely casual. You will be eating lasagna off of plastic plates in a multi-million dollar mansion and probably jump in the jacuzzi. By Wednesday night everyone will feel like family.

Because we will be so close to the waves the spray tends to get everything a bit damp by the end of the day so you may want to bring a few of each of the things you will be wearing.

The area we are in gets crappy cell reception so my suggestion is don’t plan on bringing your laptop to the park, just leave it in your room if you bring it. We will have a mildly secure place for all of your stuff. Maybe bring a backpack to the beach each day and we will throw it into one of our plastic tubs. We keep an eye on them. Nothing has ever been stolen at thinktank, but it isn’t Fort Knox.

When you arrive at the event on XX you will be given our official schedule. To be honest trying to get this crew of entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives is trying to herd 16 raccoons into a baby carriage. We follow the schedule roughly and if everyone is into what they are doing I don’t push them onto the next place until they are done. If you get separated from the group you can use the schedule as a way to find us.

Here are a couple of phone numbers you will want to keep in case you run into a snag. I never answer my phone so send me a text (858) XXX-XXX. Cait is running the event call her if you need anything (401) XXX-XXXX. Jasmin is my Executive Assistant, she never has enough work to do so if you need anything at all give her a call or text at (858) XXX-XXXX. Make sure to include who the text is from to any of us.

XX: Meet at the park between 9am-11am, breakfast, fun and business-y stuff and lunch will be later on. There will probably be some surfing snuck in somewhere as well. We will be doing stuff in the park and on the beach all day. Then dinner, drinks and party in the park in the evening.

XX: We start in the park again at 9am or 10am with breakfast followed by fight training and then business and fun stuff at Flavor Del Mar, an upscale bar restaurant, for the afternoon. After Flavor, we will go back to our rooms for a break before dinner then we will all meet at the park in the early evening. We will be driving everybody in Suburbans out to Toby’s mansion and driving you home afterwards. If you miss us leaving for Toby’s then call Cait and get the address and take a taxi out to meet us. It is about 20 minutes away. Every hour on the hour we will be sending a Suburban back to the Del Mar hotels. If you drink too much we reserve the right to duct tape you and tie you to the hood of the car while we drive.

XX: We will be starting in the park with breakfast at 10am. Although I don’t expect to see most of you until 11am if I am lucky. We will be spending until about 1pm in the park and then up to Flavor Del Mar for the afternoon and then back to the park for dinner and drinks. We will be ending the evening with torch wave riding. This is where we make torches. XXXXXXXXXXX This is possibly the most dangerous thing I do each year. It involves going into the XXXX night where you can’t see more than 3 feet in front of you and carrying an XXXX XXXX XXXX. Last year, I got hit XXXXX and almost dropped the XX XXXX my XXXX. I highly recommend standing XXX XXXX and watching us kill ourselves. If you are dumb enough to participate XXXX XXXXX XXXXX at your own risk. If you die during the process the only way anyone will notice is XXXX XXXX. Now what were you saying about driving traffic to those video pages?” as you slip XXXX XXXX XXXX. i am dead serious XXX XXX at night is not only scary but extremely dangerous so please don’t participate.

Many of the ThinkTankers will be sticking around XXXX XXXX XXXX so feel free to hang out with each other and do stuff, but it will not be part of ThinkTank.

Once 10pm hits if we do go to any bars or restaurants you will be on your own as far as expenses go.


The event is currently in the red as it usually is every year. The reason for this is that the goal is to create the best event that you have ever been to.

A huge thank you goes to our sponsors. One of them is Chris Cemper with link research tools. I use this tool every week, and it is actually the only non-Google SEO tool I ever touch. It is amazing.

Our big sponsor this year is Correy Hammond. Correy first came to ThinkTank as an employee doing SEO work. With the help of ThinkTankers, and a ton of hard work, he now owns and runs a very, very successful server company. I am so proud of Correy that he is doing so well, that he could actually help out in a big way this year in making ThinkTank an even better event.

A huge thank you also goes to Toby. Toby, one of my closest friends, who is developing Real Estate Marketing Insider and another big project, has invited us into his home for the party Wednesday night. Thank you Toby.

Many of you have referred amazing people you thought would be great additions to thinktank. If you know of someone who is a warm giving person, is successful in the internet world in some way, and you think would be a good addition, let me know. We are about the right size now, and are officially sold out. If it was the right person, we could take a couple more. If you know someone like this, send them an email, and point them to the video.

Could you help us run ThinkTank? We need people to load the tubs with all the ThinKTank stuff each morning, and load it back on the trucks each evening. The tubs are not heavy, and we have a dolly to move them. It is more just getting a good leg workout, with some light lifting. Also we need to move all the BBQ’s, beach chairs, camping chairs, and surfboards each day. Dan Ryan who has been getting in great shape will be using this as his workout during ThinkTank.

We also need help each morning cooking breakfast on the BBQ’s. Don’t worry if you are not a great cook, this is no brainer stuff. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes. If you burn something, just trow it out and start over. The salt air, and smokey BBQ makes everything taste great anyways.

If you are willing to help move stuff on one or all of the mornings around 6 or 7 a.m. then email me back and I will get you in touch with Cait. Do the same if you can help load the trucks in the evening.

Also let me know if you want to help cook breakfast one or all of the days.

Everyone usually wants to cook, and if we can get 10 people to help unload and load the truck, it will only take about 15 minutes.

If you have any ideas for amazing activities during ThinkTank, feel free to email me.

Let me know if you can help?
Let me know if you want to refer someone to the event?
Let me know if you have any special requests?
Let me know if you want to sponsor?

Also, John Chow has been gracious enough to help me promote the event, and many of you found the event through him. If you would like to be a sponsor, I am pretty sure I can get John to send and email out about it, to his 100,000+ person list.

Much Love,