Increase Your App With These Strategies

Mobile apps are a huge business with developers making millions of dollars annually. The “2” biggest mobile companies Apple and Samsung have created an environment which is easy for people to develop and upload their applications for sale. They’ve given developers complete control and an interface which dissects the coding to show any errors before uploading. In the end, you have a clean environment with complete control and a sophisticated testing environment. Once you have your application uploaded, it’s time to market to mobile users with the hopes of generating profits. It’s safe to say some sell better than others while others just don’t have what it takes. Here’s something else which I’ve noticed over the last several months…

Many applications in the market have the potential to generate enormous money, but NOT all marketing avenues have been utilized the right way. If you are creating a mobile application then consider implementing the following strategies to market your app to potential customers. The bottom line is generating profit and if you don’t it’s time + effort wasted.


Merge With Popular Applications

If your a negotiator and can work out a partnership with established app companies, then you’ll have an easier time gaining momentum in the market. There are several applications that have been in the market for years and have established a solid user base. If you can find a relevant app company with a large audience then you can utilize the same audience. Here’s another thing to note…

By joining a credible application provider the keywords your focusing on have a better chance of gaining traction within the App Store. The goal should be to integrate your application with popular brand names so you can use the same ones when marketing your product. For example, you can use Google Analytics as your keyword if you have partnered with them. The keyword “Google” is popular with a large audience.

Country Focused

If your entering a competitive market or focusing on “keywords” which are highly competitive then you might want to shift your country focus. For example, instead of uploading or focusing on a country with millions of competitive applications like the United States then why not, focus on less popular ones. This will be great to build the initial traction and get feedback quickly. Focus on non-English speaking countries as many people avoid them when they first launch and keep in mind to adjust your app language so it’s compatible with the outside country.

Email Marketing

We know the power of email marketing and how it can generate leads quickly to any product page. Email marketing, if done correctly, can be used to target relevant people and those who would be interested in your application. Utilize the power of “other people’s lists” to get the word out about your application launch. The concept of “solo ads” is NOT new however it is tricky finding a legitimate mailing list. This is why doing previous research on your list provider is very important. Here’s a good strategy…

Start by researching the type of people who would be interested in your application. Next, find relevant blogs within the same niche who have authority and a huge following. You have many “solo” ad services however I would recommend avoiding them since finding credible people on these websites if very difficult. You’ll end up losing a lot of money WITHOUT a solid ROI. This why I recommend finding high authority bloggers relevant to your application and contacting them directly. Next,

If the price is right many of these bloggers will shoot a quick email to their list promoting your application. Offer these bloggers a free trial and ask them to shoot over a quick review with the email message. If the blogger has credibility within the industry then this alone can produce enormous conversions.

Split Testing Campaigns

This element has everything to do with testing the app landing page and increasing the user experience. You have to remember a user will check out the official application page several times to read more on the features before making a buying decision. If your page is full of glitches and your landing page is NOT optimized you could miss out on conversions. You should ensure two important factors are working to optimal level when marketing your application.

First, make sure your landing page is optimized and you have a way to capture email leads to up-sell at a later time. By testing your app design and tweaking the description you can determine the right combination with higher chance of conversions. Next, your app landing page and mobile capabilities should be glitch free because if everything is NOT working correctly then it will decrease user experience which can lower conversions. Here are a few things to pay close attention to…

  • Develop different landing pages and do a A/B split test ensuring optimal conversions.
  • Try different ways to send traffic to your page i.e Adwords, email marketing, banner, PPV, etc
  • Have a solid system in place to track statistics. This way you find what’s working and what’s not.

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