In The July Issue of BC Business Magazine


The July issue of BC Business magazine showed up at my mailbox today. On page 184, there is an article call Blog On, which features me laying in bed with my laptop. The small caption next to my photo reads, “Blogging for bucks: For John Chow, showing up for at work is as easy as rolling out of bed – or not.” I guess they decided to scrap the blogging in jammies idea.

The article feature myself and fellow BC blogger Greg Godden of Normally, articles from BC Business are available online but it looks like the magazine is revamping their website. The new site, BC Business Online, will be launching July 4th. Hopefully, you’ll be able to read the entire article then. Alternatively, you can head pick up the magazine at any BC newsstands.

The article got a few facts wrong but nothing major. The theme of the article can be summarized in the heading above my head: There are more than 70 million blogs on the Web, and another 5,000 are added every hours. Only a handful of them are bringing in solid revenues. As local bloggers are discovering, it’s not enough to post witty commentary in your spare time. Truly making a buck in the blog-eat-blog world requires passion, discipline and a head for business.