Improving Your Conversion Rate, Once and for All

If we all had it the way we wanted, we would have every single person that visits our website make a purchase, every time they visit our site.  

Its too bad that in real life, the average conversion rate can be anywhere from 1% to 10%.  Obviously, this number will depend on the space you are in and how well you are running your site.  If we keep this in mind, we understand that we can’t really do much about what our own company sells(at least for the moment), but we CAN change how the website is being run.  

Lets take a look at some things we can do to make sure our conversion rates are on the up and up.


The first thing that you are probably thinking is the actual page design.  There is PLENTY of advice on the internet about what good design is, but I think it is important that we touch on them anyway for those that don’t know, as well as for those that know and have gotten carried away.  Firstly, color contrast should be used to your advantage.  Make sure your color scheme is not random, rather, that it guides your users towards clicking on that call to action you have.  Also, make sure the pictures and videos in the website are well done.  We want something clear, not something that was taken with a potato camera.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is website load times.  The FASTEST way to not get traffic is to take longer that 2-3 seconds to load.  This generally has a lot to do with where you are hosted, and what platform you are hosted on.  NO, it does not have much to do with the content on your front page.  If it is taking a long term to render, it is time to upgrade your server and data center connection.  Your other option is a content delivery network, such as a cloud platform, etc.

This last bit should be common sense to all of us, but for some reason it is EXTREMELY easy to get carried away and forget about this important bit.  Make sure you have a single, clear, concise call to action.  Nobody wants to read your entire page of information to figure out where to go to find out what you are looking for….they are looking for a quick fix.  So give the people what they want, right out in front!

This is likely going to be a bit of a review for a lot of you, but if your click through rate is not high, I can almost promise that you are not doing one of the things mentioned above correctly.  Take a second look, and get back on the horse!

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