Improving Your Blogging with a Bigger Monitor

Nothing increase blogging productivity more than having a lot of screen real estate. Studies have shown that running a bigger / multiple monitors can increase your work flow by as much as 50%. If you are like me, then you have a whole bunch of windows open at the same time. The ability to stack those windows side by side instead of one behind the other really helps to clean up the desktop and increase blogging speed.

Today was a special day. Not only did I had a great lunch with NeverblueAds but when I got home, I found a nice little package from Dell Computers. Inside the little box was a really big Dell 30″ LCD monitor. Sally and I had a great time unwrapping it.

The 30″ Dell runs at a native resolution of 2560×1600 and requires a dual-link DVI video card. If your video card lacks that capability, then you’ll be limited to a resolution of only 1920×1200. Lucky for me my NVIDIA GeForce video card has not one but two dual-link DVI ports. That means I can add another 30″ if I’m crazy enough.

Here’s a size comparison between the Dell 30 and a Dell 20. The 30 is just massive. I thought about running the 20 with the 30 but decided to see how things go with the 30 by itself first.

The Dell 30 in all it high resolution glory. I have my IM client, Gmail, blog and Twhirl open and can see everything! You can get an idea on how big the screen it by looking at how small the Mac dock is at the bottom of the screen.