Improve Your Blog SEO with Keyword Winner WordPress Plugin

My friend Daniel Lew has finally released his Keyword Winner SEO plugin for WordPress and I have to say, it looks like a winner. Keyword Winner makes it super easy to find low competition keywords to use in your blog post title because it put it all in your WP control panel.

As you make your blog post title, Keyword winner will suggest other keywords to use that could get you ranked in Google a lot sooner and a lot higher up the results page. Yes, you can do all this by going back and forth with the Google keyword tool or other tools like Keyword Elite but Keyword winner is the only tool that put it right into your WordPress control panel. The information is there at your finger tips making it easier to target the right headlines and rank to the 1st page of Google easily. The results can be pretty amazing.

Keyword Winner

Can you see why I was the number one affiliate for Shoemoney System?

Available in a single or unlimited blog license, Keyword Winner is easy to install (just upload and activate) and even easier to use. The plugin should pay for itself in a matter of days from all the extra search engine traffic you’ll be getting. The key to ranking high in Google is to target the less competitive keywords. With Keyword Winner, you can do just that and do it right from your WordPress control panel. This is a must have plugin. Go get it.

Click Here To Download Keyword Winner