I’m Blogging This Jacket

Market Leverage Jacket

Market Leverage has unveiled the latest in their line of “I’m blogging this.” clothing. The new I’m blogging this jacket goes great with their I’m blogging this T-shirt. The blue and white jacket is lined with a mesh on the inside for extra comfort. The jacket is too light for the current Vancouver climate but I can see me putting it to good use when spring and summer hits.

How Do You Get An I’m Blogging This Jacket?

Market Leverage is sending the blogging jacket to their top affiliate bloggers. If you’re one of them, then chances are you’ll be getting one in the mail. If you’re not a ML top affiliate but are really friendly with the affiliate manager you might be able to sweet talk her to sending you one. I’ll try to sweet talk Dina from MLTV into giving me some jackets to give away. If you think she should give me some jackets, then twitter her at @MLDina with the following tweet:

@MLDina I think you should give @JohnChow some I’m blogging this jackets to give away to his readers! We love @MarketLeverage and you!

If that don’t get me at least a dozen jackets, I don’t know what will!

Market Leverage Jacket

The only thing Market Leverage needs to make now is an I’m blogging this sweat pants. Then I will have a complete “blogging suit” to go with my track suit.