If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Live?

Ever since my friend John Reese wrote the post about him selling/giving away everything he own so he could travel the world, I have been thinking of changing my surroundings as well. Now, I wouldn’t go as a far as what Reese did and sell everything and just take off. After all, I have a wife and daughter who needs a stable setting.

I’ve decided to start my journey a little closer to home. Right now, I am in Seattle looking at houses. However, this is just the start and not the end. My wife would like to find a city that is like Vancouver but warmer and without the rain (that rules out Seattle). Low crime rate, diverse population and good schools are also required. English speaking cities preferred.

So my questions of the day is: If you have the ability to live anywhere in the world, where would you live? I’m open to suggestions. Do a good sales job on your city and I might become your neighbour!

BTW – Here’s a photo of where I’m writing this post from. This house in Bellevue offers a beautiful sunset view. See you at Dot Com Pho Seattle tomorrow!

Bellevue House