If You Thought You Saw Google Ads

If you thought you just saw a Google ad on this blog you were not dreaming. I am testing out a new Google AdSense template for WordPress. Call AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin the little piece of software allows you to easily add Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts.

The plugin is extremely easy to install and use. Just download, unzip and upload to your plugins folder. Once activated it will place an AdsenseDeluxe screen to your WordPress options panel. From there you can create multiply AdSense ad units and decide what parts of the site should have or not have ads, and what ad size to run. You can even add it within your WordPress templates. An AdSense SandBox preview tool is also included.

Right now I have globally turned off all the Google ads. Depending on reader input, I may or may not turn them back on. Lately I have really been tempted to see if a personal blog can really make money with Google, and if so, how much? I think it might make an interesting case study. What do you think? Should I leave them off, or turn them on for one month and report the results?