If The Internet Crashed

Dylan Kingsberry sent me one of those tag posts asking what I would do if the Internet crashed and never came back. I no longer participate in tag style posts because I get tagged too much. However, this one was thought provoking enough for me to write about. Here’s what I would do if the Internet crashed.

Start A New Business

Since my main source of income is from the Net, a crash would mean I’ll have to look at other means of making money. A job is completely out of the question (anyone who has read this post knows how I feel about working at a job). That means I would start another business. The business I start would have to meet my personal requirements. Many people think having your own business means freedom when it’s the complete opposite – most business owners are owned by their businesses. I have five key requirements a business must meet before investing it in. If the business doesn’t meet all five, I don’t touch it.

Find A New Hobby

The Internet is not just my business, it’s also my hobby. If it were gone, I would need to find a new one. I like doing many things but I’m not sure which hobby would become the predominate one. I have tried plane spotting but that was too boring. I guess I can always resume panda slaying.

Teach A Course In Entrepreneurship

I have always wanted to teach a course in business and entrepreneurship. If there was no Internet, I think this would be a very nice pastime. One of the reasons I enjoy updating this blog so much is because it brings together like-minded people. Teaching a course in entrepreneurship would do the same thing.

Travel The World

If the new business isn’t my hobby, I would put it on autopilot and then travel the world. I love traveling because it expands the mind. There are thousands of places and cultures to see. Staying in your own backyard for the rest of your life greatly limits your vision. To have a good life, you need three things.

  • The ability to give and receive love.
  • Something to hope for.
  • Something to do.

For the majority of the world, that “something to do” is a job. Of all the things one can do in this world, why anyone would choose a job is beyond me. Many will say they have to work to make money. If you read this blog, then you know that is not the case.

If there was no more Internet, what would you be doing with your time? I’m not going to tag anyone. If you wish to answer the question, then please do.