I Sat In Barry Meguiar’s Ford GT without Asking and He Went Holy On Me!

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle vlog, Sally and I went to South OC Cars and Coffee, where I sat in Barry Meguiar’s new Ford GT without asking permission. Then I had the audacity to ask him for his secret to business secret. Amazingly, he gave it to me. See, I can do all this because I live the Dot Com Lifestyle!

Meguiar is the host of Discovery’s Velocity series Car Crazy, and President of Meguiar’s, Inc, the biggest maker of car detailing products in the world. If you’re a car guy, odds are you have used Meguiar’s car care products to make your ride look good.

I want to thank Barry for giving me the interview and being such a good sport. The world needs more people like you!