I Love Blog

Lim CS of Increseo Search Marketing (he ranks #1 for the search term “Malaysia Whore“) gave me the heads up on a new blogging platform call I Love Blog.

I Love Blog is a division of Exabtyes Network, a web hosting company in Penang, Malaysia. In a nutshell, I Love Blog is like Blogger but a lot prettier. Based on the Calliope blogging engine, I Love Blog allows you to quickly and easily create a blog for free.

To get their new blogging service off the ground, I Love Blog is holding a contest and giving away free cash. How does the contest work?

We will select one iloveblog.com blogger at the end of every month as the winner, with the criteria as below:

  • Well-written content
  • Best utilized the functionality of iloveblog blogging platform

Once the winner is selected, I will announce it in this blog. This contest will start at March and will be running for six months consecutively. The prize is USD$100! (payable with PayPal).

If you’re sick and tire of Blogger than you may want to check out I Love Blog. I’ll stick to my WordPress. 🙂