I Have The World’s Ugliest Sofa – Please Give Me a Klaussner

So my wife has been complaining about the old sofa in the living room. She wants to replace it with something new (expensive) and elegant (more expensive). I did some searching on the Web for sofas and ended up at World’s Ugliest Sofa Competition at SofasandSectionals.com.

The competition is pretty straight forward. You have to send in a photo of your ugly sofa with a few words describing how it got so ugly. The winner will get one of 15 brand new Klaussner sofas.

My Ugly Sofa – Please Take It Away and Give Me a Klaussner

Ugly Sofa

First of all, my sofa has a really ugly color. It’s an eye soar and doesn’t match the hardwood or the color of the wall. It just doesn’t belong in the house! The sofa is around 15 years old. Now you might be thinking it looks in pretty good shape for 15 years but that’s because we never sat on it because it’s so ugly!

SofasandSectionals.com needs to save me and my family from having to look at that ugly sofa by taking it away and replacing it with a brand new Klaussner sofa. We will be forever grateful. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the new Klaussner in our living room so everyone can see how great it looks.

I highly doubt anyone has a sofa more ugly than my sofa so I think my chances of winning are pretty good. If you think your sofa is more ugly, which I doubt, then go enter the contest and win one of those 15 Klaussner sofas.