I Have Music Again

For almost two weeks I’ve been driving around without music in my car because of a bad circuit breaker. Why didn’t I just replace the breaker? I would if the audio store had one in stock, but they didn’t. And even now they still don’t. Finally frustrated with the lack of progress at getting me a new breaker I decided it was time for some drastic action.

My brother had a spare StreetWires 150 amp fuse block laying around so I decided to jury-rig that system while I wait for the new breaker to get here. The StreetWires fuse bock isn’t designed to be hooked up like the above photo. The zero gauge power cable is actually supposed to go into the copper cable block and not be attached to the fuse itself. The whole thing is then protected by a plastic cover. Because my cables were terminated for a breaker and not a StreetWires fuse block, I had to bolt the cable directly to the fuse and this prevented the plastic housing from being a used. The end result still worked and I have music again.

I learned one thing about my car during the two weeks without tunes – my car is loud! Without music basting from the sound system, I got to enjoy the sound of the low profile tires humming across the pavement. I never knew the tires were that noisy. Now that I got music again, the noisy background is no longer a problem since the 1500 watt Alpine sound system can play loud enough to silence anything.