I Am The Most Controversial Blog in 2007

The results are in! John Chow dot Com is the Most Controversial Blog in 2007, according to the Performancing Readers’ Choice Award. The way I won the award sparked quite a bit of controversy as well because my margin of victory was so great.

Speaking of controversy, anyone else think this vote was rigged? Over 99% of the votes were submitted for John Chow. The crazy thing is that an IP analysis doesn’t reveal any obvious screwing around. Controversy? No controversy? John Chow’s the winner.


Congrats to Pharyngula for being runner up. Even though you only got 1% of votes, that’s still better than the other nominees. Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I also see that John Cow won for the best blog name of 2007. I’m sure he’ll come up with some way to cash in on that.

Aside from being able to say I won the Performancing Most Controversial Blog in 2007 award, I don’t think I get any other prizes or perks for winning. Oh well.