I Am The Big Bad Blog

According to Bloggrrl, I am the big bad blog in the three little blogs, a cautionary tale about three little blogs that collectively decided it was time to leave the free blog hosting barn of blogspot.com and move out into the real world with their own domains. Then they met the big bad blog.

He did not bother to knock politely at the door. Instead, he huffed and puffed, and pretty much obliterated the first little blog, who was quite overwhelmed, and canceled his hosting arrangement before he had even finished running all the way to the second little blog’s place.

The second little blog held his ground for a bit, but soon became chronically depressed and had to be admitted to the Rehabilitation Center for Ambitious But Clueless Bloggers.

If I really wanted to, I’ve could have taken down the third little blog but because Bloggrrl called me the big bad blog instead of the big evil blog, I had to spare one blog. At least I got to live happily ever after.

Which little blog are you?