I Am Still Alive!

Wow! I can’t believe I went three days without updating the blog! It’s been extremely busy since we left Taipei for Shenzhen, China. Pretty much each day of the three day trip was either spent touring the ECS factories, going out for shopping, going out for dinner or going out for a massage.

Today we left China and enter Hong Kong and I have to say Hong Kong is a lot nicer place to visit. For one thing, I can understand the locals since they speak Cantonese, and many speak English as well. The sale people are also no where near as pushy as they are in China. We’ll in Hong Kong for three days before flying home to Vancouver. What will we be doing? Shopping, of course!

I’ll have some photos about my trip to Shenzhen and the ECS factory in a later post. Right now, I need to get some sleep.