I Almost Got Away With It


I was sure nobody saw me but I was wrong. While touring the ECS plant last month I came across what had to be over $1 million of RAM. They were just laying there all out in the open. Well, you know me, I thought “Damn! Someone is going to steal these. I should take it away for safe keeping.” So I scooped up the 10 thousand or so RAM sticks and took it with me, for safe keeping of course! I took advantage of the fact that VIPs were not searched when they leave the ECS building.

Well, it turns out that my dreams of retiring to some remote island will have to wait. Stephen Fung at Futurelooks decided to publish the above photo of my greed at work. I guess the cut I offered him to not publish the photo wasn’t enough. I am now expecting a knock on the door from ECS and the Chinese government. My next post will probably come from a Chinese jail, assuming they even have internet!