How You Can Double Your Income In The Next 12 Months

I love internet marketing.

Do you know why? It’s because I can decide to work less and double my income without doing anything illegal. How true?

If you’re like me, your utmost desire this year is to earn full time income online. I must commend you for that. Because many people do not have that kind of goal.

They’re scared of imagining. They’re too careful to take risks or make mistakes. They forget that failing is an integral part of succeeding in any endeavor.

Talking about making money online, one important step to take is to act as though you’re not in for the money. Truth be told, money is a vital component of living and without it, it’d seem as if you’re a nuisance to the society where you belong.

But when you want to truly make a lot of money on the internet, learn to take your mind off that “paper” or “check” that looks so good. Really, it does look good.

Instead, focus you energy on opportunities. In fact, I just read from a reliable blog the ONLY difference between the rich and the poor. Can I tell you?

All right, “the poor blindly wants to make more money, while the rich are seriosly looking for opportunities to reach more people.” Did you see that?

A 12-month income plan for you    

income plan

This was how I started out in 2011 in a particular business model and by 2012, I have tripled my income. I was happy. So what does it take? Well, you need to take absolute control of what’s happening on your inside first. Believe it. Act it.

The thoughts going on in your mind. And just like the poor, don’t blindly desire to make more money online because it might never happen. Instead, be like the rich and look for better opportunities to reach more people.

What you should realise right now is that millions of people who use social media, search engines, learning portals and blogs have money to spend on the internet. But they’re not going to give the money to you just because you’re cute or you’ve a great blog (this is vital BTW).

The simple trick that doubled my income

The word “trick” as used in this place doesn’t mean deception. Instead, it means you think out-of-the-box when promoting any affiliate offer to a group of people. It could even be your own product.

The truth is that if I can successfully sell an e-book to a person on how to build a niche site that makes them money, then it means I can earn more by recommending my affiliate host, my email service, my SEO tool and even my consulting services to them.

In other words, if you want to double your income in the next 12-month, help your customers life become better. Help your blog readers by eliminating the stress they go through searching Google for the right business tools.

Backend Products is the Key

The way I make more money online is to sell through the back. They call it “backend products.” Yes, those products and services that can go side by side with the primary product you sold. Just like I mentioned above, it’d be very much easier to convert a customer because now they have a level of trust for you.

And remember, people ONLY buy from who they like, trust and believe in. Even if they don’t know you that much, they’ve to trust the fact that you’ve used the same products.

You may continue to struggle to increase your income online if all you do is sell an affiliate product, and/or work with a client and off you go. Getting new prospects to rest their troubled minds on you is NOT easy – so take advantage of “backend products” and change your financial life in the next 12-month.

You should not forget that…

Having people on your list is one of the best ways to sell  backend products to them. Even if your niche is not “internet-related,” nothing should stop you from collecting leads in the first place. When they’re on your list, you can follow up and build that rapport with them.

You read so much blogs about email marketing and you get tired because it’s become a cliche. But we’re not going to stop until you learn to master your craft and take advantage of the opportunities of increasing your income.

Don’t forget what the poor craves for: more money in a wrong way. While the rich researches, discovers and takes advantage of profitable opportunities to reach more people. In a sense, more people will translate to more money for you.

Think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and all those at the top. They’re reaching new people on a daily basis and significantly increasing their income legitimately. See you at the top!

Image Source: Invest