How To Write a SEO Title for Your Blog Post

This is a follow up to my blog video on how to SEO your blog post. You should watch that video first before viewing this one. How to write SEO title for your blog post explains the process I go through in order to come up with a great SEO friendly blog title.

Like most of the things I do with my blog, I don’t pull blog titles out of thin of air. Instead, I use a WordPress Plugin call Keyword Winner to help me research and choose the best title that will give me the best shot at getting ranked. Keyword Winners helps me get more search engine traffic by allowing me to target less competitive keywords and keyphases.

The information Keyword Winner produces is available right in the WordPress editor panel. There’s no need to go back and forth between two or more programs. After entering a few keywords in the WordPress title field, click the suggestion button and Keyword Winner will tell how many searches those keywords get each month and make recommendations on other related keywords to use.

By targeting less competitive keywords, I have a much better chance of ranking number 1 of Google than by going after keywords with millions of searches each month. Targeting the lower volume niche keywords is the key to getting search engine traffic and Keyword Winner allows you to do just that. Watch the video to see how it’s done. Then incorporate the tricks from the On Page SEO video to really blast your Google ranking.

Download Keyword Winner for WordPress