How to Work with Virtual Assistants

My first session at BlogWorld Expo in LA was from my friend Chris Ducker of Virtual Business Lifestyle. Chris did a great presentation on how to work with virtual assistants to help build, grow and monetize your blog. Chris is a good person on speak on the topic. He runs a company in the Philippine that offers virtual assistants.

Chris went over the advantage and disadvantages of using a VA, why you should use one and, most important, how to work with me to extract maximum return on investment.

One of the best advice Chris offered in working with a VA is to use video and chat to train them. From experience, Chris finds that most VA don’t like written instructions. They much rather sit with on a Skype or screencast session to receive your instructions. Chris also recommend you don’t micro manage your VA. The reason for a VA is to reduce the amount of time you spend on a project so you can live the Dot Com Lifestyle. You can’t do that if you’re always checking up on her.

Before Chris started his session, I cornered him and asked a question that every American would want to know from someone who’s offshoring jobs that could be done in the USA. His answer was typical Chris Ducker.

BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

BlogWorld Expo LA 2011