How To Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Ahh, Time Freedom And Monetary Freedom

Have you ever noticed that the wealthy individuals around you are able to travel, explore, take lots of time off, and just enjoy life? You may be thinking; “Well of course, they have lots of money to spend!” This is true. How about all of the time they aren’t working – how can they do this? The answer, really, is very simple. They all know how to work their business smart, instead of hard. If you happen to be a person who holds grudges against the wealthy – I recommend that you hit the ‘back’ button on your browser and leave this page…

Time freedom and monetary freedom isn’t something that is instant. Most had to work extremely hard and for long hours in the very beginning. As their business began to take off, they were able to work less. They shifted from working hard to working smart! So what does this mean? How does this work? What are they doing that’s different?

If you look at a traditional company, you will notice that they all have in income. This money pays the employees as well as pays for other expenses – leaving the remaining to help grow the company and to put in their own pockets. This is pretty genius if you ask me! In a nutshell, they are paying individuals to do the hard labor, and keeping the rest. Now you may be thinking; “How awful!” I personally do not feel this way. I look at it differently – I feel that each employee has that position because they chose to take it. If they never wanted the job in the first place, they should have rejected the offer. Every single employee has the same opportunity as the CEO of the company to start their own global empire. Period. The reality is that it all comes down to who wants it more. Those who truly want to succeed will venture out to gain more knowledge and put that knowledge to use. No exceptions.

Learn To Work Your Business Smarter

There really is a million items that I could list that could help you improve the efficiency of your business and allow you to work less hours and still get paid the same – if not more. But I want to focus on just the largest and most effective – in my opinion. If you run the business by yourself with no employees, or even just a few employees – this should help.

Start A Website If You Haven’t Already

If you have a website already, you may be thinking ‘duh!’ But to those who have yet to start one – understand that this is s a must. You are missing out on the largest piece of your business if you are not online. Depending on your industry, there could be only a few people who are actually online – leaving you all the potential business from Internet prospects. This will put you on the cutting edge. The site will have 2 main purposes:
To give out information that will help solve problems and answer questions.
To generate leads that you can eventually convert to sales.

Learn More About Attraction Marketing

Learn how to become the hunted and not the hunter. When you chase people, they start to run – that’s reality. So, develop your website in a way that makes the prospects comfortable when they are browsing your site. Avoid saying things like ‘we are the best because…” or anything to that nature – this is an opinion. Design it in a way that people will contact you, or put their name in a form allowing you to send them updates. When the time is right, they will come to you! Hint: Always be knowledgeable and valuable. Hand information out for free.

Build A Solid Social Media Presence

This really is one of the best ways to not only build relationships with prospects and clients, but a great way to get your content out to those who are interested in what you have to say! This simplifies your business as you will not have to call and communicate with each prospect or client to build long lasting friendships. This can be achieved by simply communicating on mass-scales through social media as well as e-mail newsletters every so-often.

Learn To Dominate Videos

When you shoot video (that looks good), you are achieving 2 things. You are passing along great content to your audience – information that they want to know; branding you as the expert. And also, you are building relationships with them – they key to successful business. It is human nature to want and learn the personality of others – so do just that with video marketing. When they see someone in a video, they connect with them. They learn how well they speak, their personality, as well as their mannerisms – they are connecting on a personal level. Make the video once and post it somewhere. This will allow people to watch it on their schedule, not yours. This saves a lot of time. Can you imaging trying to build a personal relationship with every single person on an individual basis?

Soon Your Business Will Be On Autopilot

Don’t make it any more complicated than it is. In a nutshell; all you are doing is making content once, handing it out, and people look at it on their schedule – not yours. If someone has a question, you simply point them to the link where your content is. The website will answer their questions and build a relationship with them if you have included a well-shot video. As people see more and more content and videos by you (if done properly), they will begin to like and trust you. When the time is right, and they are looking to purchase a product or service within your industry – guess who they are going to contact? You! You are the one providing value. You are the one that actually takes the time to be a friend and show that you care. You are the one who put the personal touch on everything. Your competition did not. They lose; you win. It’s really that simple.

Work Smart – Not Hard

See what can happen when you work smarter instead of harder? Your business works for you, instead of you working for your business. All business comes down to acquiring leads and converting them to sales. When you know what you are doing, it’s amazing how your business can change – for the better. Seriously. Once you get closer to an auto-piloted business, you have more time to spend with your friends, family, as well as more time to play on your yacht! Just be sure to send me an invite ;).

This is a guest post from Brock Blohm.