How To Utilize Quora for Backlinks the Right Way is an awesome source of information for people looking for answers in every niche. On this network, you can post questions and receive answers almost immediately, which is what people are looking for. Many times, you’re in urgent need of information and provides a hub to get this done. However, did you know it can be used for vital backlinks, too? Many have questioned if is Do-Follow or No-Follow and I’ve personally seen both. I’ve studied link profiles and seen links actually show up in a website’s profile. This is another mystery that I’ve haven’t fully figured out yet. Either way, if it counts as a link or creates an environment to gather links, then I believe it to be a useful tool.

Let’s look at and how to utilize it to capture relevant links to your page.



The most obvious is to set up an account on and ensure you have filled out your profile completely. This is important because within the user control panel, you’ll be able to add bio, skills, and even the URL to your main website. If other users decide to click on your name, they’ll be taken to a page where they’ll view this information, increasing the chance of someone clicking through to your website. This is just the first part, so make sure you have set up an account, properly filling out all the essential information.


Many people make the mistake of searching for unrelated content or questions that won’t provide substance to visitor. Treat like your website, making sure you provide the best possible information because this increases your brand awareness and credibility on the topic. If you answer simple questions like “What is link building?”, it won’t really resonate with other influential people surfing Your goal is to make the MOST impact to attract those who have their own brand and blogs. Here’s what you should do…

Search your blog, other blogs, comments, and relevant content online to find out what’s trending within your niche. If you can find common problems within your niche, that would be perfect because it increases the likelihood of more people engaging on and looking for an answer. You should create a list, writing down common problems. You should then head over to

Create Relevant Content

Personally, to bypass this step, I would focus on questions within that I already have the answer to. However, if you don’t have content that thoroughly answers the question, then start by putting together an ultimate guide. Create something that outshines every other piece of content and would be perfect for people on when you link back to it. You know what questions people are asking, so make sure you answer them when creating your content. Remember to…

  • Create something with depth
  • Add videos
  • Add images
  • Add Infographics
  • Anything else that will help it stand out

Build Relevant Links

Do a quick search in or copy and paste the links in your browser that should bring you to the questions you researched before. Next, respond to each question in-depth and as an additional resource, I would link to the content created on my blog. By this, you are doing two awesome things…

First, you’re linking to a popular topic and common problem so will quickly increase engagement. You’ve just built a link that has the potential to be indexed by Google, adding authority to a page. Secondly, because it’s a topic with huge potential, you’ll attract people with blogs that are relevant to your niche. If your additional resource on your blog is of value, you’ve increase the chances of them linking to your content as well. These can be additional links and ultimately add value to your page, increasing authority, rankings, traffic, and engagement.

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