How To Use PPV To Make Money Off Email Spammers

If you have an email account then no doubt you have received email spam. While everyone hates spam, the sad fact of life is they still make a lot of money for the spammers sending them. Here’s a little PPV/CPV trick you can do to make money off the email spammers.

The next time you receive spam in your inbox, copy and save the links. Then check out what kind of offer the spammer is offering. Generally, it’s in the lose weight, greater sex, better you niche. Find a similar offer from your favorite affiliate network and target it using a PPV network like When it comes time to enter the keywords, use the URLs given by the email spammers. This will trigger your offer when an adware user clicks on the spammer’s link.

Email spammers send out millions of emails everyday and those clicks can provide a nice amount of inventory in which to serve your PPV offers into. It also a pretty evil way to make money off the spammers because you’re popping your offer over theirs.

If you don’t understand a word I just said, don’t feel bad. You can read my article on how to make money with PPV/CPV is here. You can also read a case study here.