How to Use Online Videos to Attract Customers

I’ve been implementing videos into my blog for years because they create a different type of engagement that would NOT be available anywhere else. Because of the expansion of, bloggers are now able to promote their content in a different format, which can resonate with readers all over the world. One of the biggest problems faced by bloggers is being able to resonate with readers from places where English isn’t their first language. Video blogging has completely changed this so I recommend everyone to start adapting this strategy going forward. With that said,

I decided to jump into this awesome topic because I know many of you are trying to find ways to create content that attracts massive customers. Before I continue, keep in mind,, and other networks, do allow you to add a link within your videos so having your video go viral can be awesome for engagement. Let’s jump right into this article, and explore the following:

  • How videos will enhance your tutorials
  • How videos will enhance products on website
  • The relation between videos, and authenticity
  • They rank well when optimized
  • You’re keeping up with your competition

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Enhancing Tutorials

One of the MOST popular types of content online is how-to tutorials because they show you how to solve a very common problem quickly. However, for you to create a serious buzz with any type of content, it’s important you do your research. No point in writing out content if you are tapping into a topic idea no one wants to read about. This is why I always do research within my niche, looking for major problems my readers are having so I can write content that will resonate with all of them. The better I am at doing this, the better I’ll be at attracting people to my blog. This leads to further engagement and loyalty from my readers. With that said,

Videos will allow me to explain my content in greater detail. In a video, I can create an in-depth tutorial that otherwise would have taken me 15,000 words to write out. It’s amazing what you can do when you get comfortable with creating professional videos. Here’s another example,

One huge search is “how to create a blog within minutes”. This keyword phrase has been searched millions of times within the last month or two. Let me ask you this question: Is it better to explain blog create through written content or a walk-through video? In the end, you’re going to say video, and I guarantee we all have watched blogging videos, thinking they are way better than online written content.

Video is the way to go, but if you can create a transcript to go with your video, then that’s even better J

Product Reviews

One of the best ways to make money online is by utilizing product reviews. This starts by trying a product within your niche then writing an honest review for your readers. As a matter of fact, many of the top bloggers online are making enormous amounts of money by simply reviewing products for companies just starting out. Top bloggers get free accounts so they can try out the product then promote it to their readers, splitting the commissions with the developer. Like I had said before, reviewing products is a huge business and many people are definitely cashing in. However,

This system has become even more profitable since videos came along. When connected the world though video marketing, the game changed. Instead of authority bloggers writing out product reviews, they were able to showcase the benefits by creating walkthrough videos. These videos showed people how to:

  • Install the product
  • Set up and configure
  • A walkthrough of the features
  • Benefits

In the end, they would perform a case study, showing how they were able to profit or produce enormous results using the products, which encouraged people to go out and spend some money. The process was explained in a nutshell, and if you are planning on doing the same thing, then keep these next factors in mind.

First, for you to succeed, again, you’ll have to solve a common problem within your niche. You’ll have to show how the product you are using helped you, and how it simply made your life easier. Some of the top bloggers have stated creating in-depth videos does take time so it’s important you stay patient through the entire process.

Do a quick search within Google, finding new products that just came out within your niche. Next, do a quick outreach, asking the developer to give you a trial account so you can create a video for your readers. If you are popular enough, with a solid following, many times, “developers” are willing to help out. The reason this method works so well is because newer products tend to be marketed much less, which gives you a chance to create a buzz quickly. If the product is worth the buzz, then you can do really well with your readers and sales going forward. I’ll admit, you need to take your time and try different things before getting started until you find what resonates with your readers.

Videos Add Credibility

Having videos is a great way to put a face with your growing brand and this will add credibility going forward. When you create videos, you’re adding credibility to your words, and many people tend to trust your value with more of an open-mind. The funny thing is, this tends to be the case when you are talking about sensitive issues like health, weight loss, or even finance. These areas tend to be more sensitive so people are looking for a face to associate with the brand before building that certain level of trust.

If you are in sensitive based niche, then consider incorporating videos to your blogging strategy because this will increase user trust and engagement.

Video Ranking Quality

It’s no secret YouTube videos ran within the Google search results. For example, here is a quick search for “create a blog within minutes”. Check out the results:

You’ll notice the first result within the search is a video, which is amazing because this can generate enormous traffic in the form of a video. Through this, you are NOT only engaging with your readers in more depth, but also able to rank with videos, which, at one point, was not possible. Much of this success has to do with having the ability to added targeted keywords within your video header and description. To do this, you have to be very strategic in your approach…

For example, once you have uploaded a video within YouTube, you’ll have some options to add a title and description before going live. Before you do, I recommend you make sure to do some keyword research so you’ll add the right ones before going live. Head over to Google Keyword planner, and do some research just like you would when you are writing content.

Find a handful of popular and engaging keywords you know will attract a lot of attention with your readers. This is important because the more engaging your keywords, the better it is when creating videos around them. Your videos will NOT only attract a buzz online, but will also tend to rank higher because of the optimized keywords spread within the title and description.

Challenge Your Competition

One of the main reasons I decided to start implemented videos into my blogging was because of competition. Almost in every niche, you’re going to have a handful of bloggers who are trying to steal your readers away from you. In the beginning, it was about getting the best content published more frequently, and now the patterns have shifted. It’s about getting value published more frequently in the best way possible, which, today, is through video blogging. I’ll admit online marketing and blogging can be very tedious because publishing is NOT tough at all. You can have a blog created within minutes and all that’s left is for you to start focusing on writing content for your readers. This is much harder than several years back because those without coding experience wouldn’t dare enter a business that cost them thousands to start. A blog can be created in 4 minutes so every one is getting involved. Here’s my point…

Make sure you find ways to engage your readers that your competition hasn’t taken advantage of yet. This way, you stay ahead of the competition, increasing growth and revenue going forward.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered enormous information and I know it can get confusing, trying to understand a marketing strategy very new to you. However, you have several resources available that were NOT available years back and the funny thing is, many of them are available through video format. If you are NOT sure about video blogs, then start by doing a quick search online looking for popular information from those who have experience. You’ll need some tools to help you get started and those will be available online, too. Everything you need is available so don’t delay and get started right now before it’s too late. I can promise you that your competition is already trying to find ways to engage readers who are currently loyal to your blog.

Here’s something to consider going forward:

  • Start with research so you know what’s important and trending online.
  • Look for ways to create a video using free tools.
  • Get familiar with the YouTube interface.
  • Promote on social media platforms.