How To Use Facebook

Among the social media world, there always seems to be chatter in regards to Facebook Ads – changes, updates, why to use them, why they are awful, and so on and so forth. Facebook is a giant in social media and offers companies a way to contact users in a focused way, unlike ever before. With the access Facebook has to demographics, a business can be quite specific with the users it promotes products to. Let’s discuss a few reasons you should consider using Facebook to your benefit.

1. Facebook gives businesses and organizations that opportunity to tailor ads to fit goals within their campaign.  Facebook has an in-house analytics tool that helps monitor progress as well. Rather than posting a small bit on your Facebook page and hoping for the best, you are able to create an ad that is exactly what you need!


2. Facebook makes it very easy for you to include other forms of media in your posts – such as videos, pictures, sound clips, etc. Facebook will also do testing for up to six pictures within a campaign so you know which images have the most impact with your audience. HOwever, it is important to make sure that your images, videos, etc are high quality and eye-catching so that users will be interested in viewing the entire article or page that you are linking to.

FB_Audience3. There is a feature called “Audience Definition” which gives control over which users are reached for any particular ad. It also gives you an estimated amount of users reached, which helps to calculate your ROI. You are able to whittle down your audience by using location, language, interests, age and gender. When running campaigns, it wouldn’t hurt to start out with a large (and yet specific) audience and see what the results are. If you are unhappy with those results, it is always possible to update the settings to open up the audience, or become more and more specific until you are achieving what you want.

4. The final reason you should be using Facebook, if the last 3 reasons didn’t convince you, is that Facebook allows you to pay for ads based on clicks or impressions. There are a few different bidding styles to choose from, and the best fit for you will be determined by the goals you have for your campaign.

Facebook is a great way to increase brand exposure, while also maintaining a targeted audience. If you are wary of social media marketing, the only way to test the waters is to run some test campaigns. Get your campaigns ready and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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